First Korean Presbyterian Church and Community Trust (FKPCCT)

FKPCCT(Dream-I) is an OSCAR approved and registered programme. Oscar is the government appointed agency for out of school networks in New Zealand. To be Oscar approved means we have defined and approved policies and procedures, which include such things as child safety and staff appointments.
Holiday School 8:40am - 6:10pm

After School 2:40pm - 6:10pm

Morning School 7:30am - 8:30am (not available at this stage)
Our holiday programme fees are all inclusive of trip and activity fees, and afternoon tea will be provided. Please provide morning tea and lunch for your child.

Holiday School $190 per week (full session: 8:40am – 6:10pm)

After School $80 per week (2:40pm – 6:10pm) (note we do not refund for absences or public holidays)

WINZ Subsidies FKPCCT(Dream-I) is OSCAR registered and parents may be eligible for a subsidy.
The Sign In/Out Form
Please sign each day when children arrive and when they are collected.

Any changes to booking or absences must be notified to the supervisor.

Collection of Children
Only the people stated on the enrolment form will be allowed to collect children. There is written policy covering supervision, safety, behaviour guidance etc. on-site.

Children who are repeatedly collected after the 6.10pm closing time may be excluded from the programme. A late fee will be charged after 6:15 pm.

Please ring the office if you are RUNNIG LATE (P: 836 0191 M: 027 522 1158)

Children must wear shoes/hats when outside. In summer please apply sunscreen each day.

We don’t allow children to bring electronics or toys to the programme as we can’t be responsible for theft or damage.

Emergency Drills

Evacuation procedures will be displayed, followed and practised once a term.

Behaviour Management
It is our aim to provide a programme where all children are safe, and receive care and attention. Our staff will offer support and treat children fairly, with dignity and respect. These aspects will be taken into managing a child’s disruptive behaviour. The supervisor reserves the right to exclude from the programme any child who is constantly disruptive, not following programme rules, or poses a significant risk to the safety of themselves or others. Parents will be notified if we have concerns about their child’s behaviour. Please refer to the Behaviour Management in our Policies & Procedures Manual.

The programme supervisor and manager are trained in First Aid and CPR, and if necessary call an ambulance. In the case of a serious accident involving your child, you will be contacted immediately and we will take the child to the nearest Medical Centre.

Sick Children
Please do not send sick children to the programme. If a child becomes ill during the programme hours, parents will be contacted to collect them.

If your child is absent you will need to notify the office before 12pm and you will still be charged.

If you have any comments or concerns about the programme please speak to the supervisor or operations manager. A formal complaints procedure is displayed on the notice board.

Child Safety
We have a detailed Child Protection Policy, which includes the reporting of any child abuse to the Department of Child, Youth and Family services.